La Capital

Dellekamp Arquitectos
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Program: Restaurant-Bar.
Location: Col. Condesa, México D.F., México.
Status: Built.
Architectural project: Dellekamp Arquitectos | Derek Dellekamp + Hector Zeivy.
Project leader: Aisha Ballesteros.
Team: Tania Guerrero, Ignacio Méndez, Jachen Schleich, Aarón Jassiel.

It gives a modern to traditional Mexican cantina touch; evokes the spirit in the high ceiling and the narrow interior space. The items in the bar are organized functionally, with all furniture and service spaces placed at one end to clear the space. Construction is compressed into a single volume, allowing the kitchen extends to the rear terrace. The slope formed by the parking ramp is played inside the restaurant seating in a high place that function as observation and exhibition; a place to see and be seen. The facade is a large window display with constant movement that integrates the customers as part of the landscape.