One spread room

Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura
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This project consists in a housing prototype, by creating a room on the roof (space of low utilization), in the housing models ZUNZU, which aims to, provide more privacy to the inhabitants, and thus combat overcrowding and domestic violence, with a budget of $3,500.00 US.
Social housing units are built massively as a result houses are multiplied to infinity sharing neighboring walls in order to minimize individual costs. Given the serial reproduction of houses, public and recreational spaces are almost non–existent. Traditional models are repeated both in construction methods as in the unsustainable aesthetic results.
The existing Zunzu housing method has minimum proportions of 32 m² and does not have any exterior private space. These are flat–roofed, one-story houses and the roof is unused. The small patios are mostly abandoned and deteriorated, since these are one–room houses, they are usually overcrowded.
The space destined to be a bedroom in the extended second–story model is completely occupied by the stairs. The space destinated to stairs in a 32 m² house is 4.85 m², a high 13.5% of the total.
The prototype has the advantage of being: an innovative construction system, recycled, low–cost, long–lasting, safe, low–maintenance and light weight.
The prototype is built using a sustainable and modular constructive method based on a biopanel System: inside, prefabricated bamboo panels and outside a panel made out of recycled polyaluminum called verdek. Recycled materials are used and it is low–cost and easily assembled. A module with a workspace, a storage space and a loft–like sleeping space is integrated using every m² efficiently. The lower story bedroom remains completely free by installing the helical stairs in the outdoor patio. A very basic gabled roof covers the space to gain height, regulate temperature, give the prototype identity and prevent vertical growth. The prototype is installed in two weeks and is really low–cost.

Project: Rozana Montiel | Alin V. Wallach