Magna Sur

Gaeta Springall Arquitectos
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It is ever more necessary to understand that every time we build something, we participate in the transformation of the city. From this perspective—fully aware of our responsibility—we strive to build projects that reach the public dimension and are able to connect architecture and the city, the public and the private space. In order to accomplish this, we aim to transcend the project’s individual resolution and reach a collective and urban dimension. Because of its character and singular location, the Magna Sur project presented a great challenge. The project is located on the Periférico Ring, Mexico City’s most complex traffic artery. In addition, over this artery there is a second street level , which added complexity to our design proposal. The three main requirements were to resolve: an open plan design to maximize the flexibility of program,  a double access from the two avenues on either side of the site and, lastly, a maximum efficiency. There was also the challenge of having to create a unique, sober and powerful architectural project that would add value to its urban context. In the end, we managed to design a floor plan that achieves the program’s flexibility needs, a simple structure and a silk-screened glass skin  used  to frame the distinctive urban landscape of the south of the city and that helps to reduce the impact of the sun’s radiation on the southern and western facades.