House of Stairs

Dellekamp Arquitectos
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Located on the outskirts of Valle de Bravo, Casas Mestre, a development of three attached homes, was designed with a system of terraces in order to limit its impact on the terrain and to offer ample views of the lake. To achieve this, spaces were arranged as boxes that descend along the slope. This approach defines four distinct levels within each home. The juxtaposition of the boxes and the relationships between them create adjacencies of public and private space. The interweaving of public and private is the foundation of the system, granting a sense of functional, constructive and formal meaning as well as spatial symbolism. It is important to mention that of the trees originally located on the site, we preserved all that were in good condition. Those that were removed were replaced with new trees. By using local materials and respecting the area’s natural landscape, Casas Mestre maintains a strong relationship to its context while establishing an architectural language unique to its arrangement of spaces and the connections between them.