From the territory to the dweller

Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura
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In this project we seek to resignify the traditional housing of the state of Morelos, as a house-portico, with a large semi-open space, roofed, multi-functional, surrounded by fruit trees and vegetation, the sloping roof provides an extra level compared to the local housing. The semi-open outer space and the trees foliage add sense and quality to the community private and social life: most of the activities are woven in these spaces.

Our proposal is developed in Xochitepec, Mexico, it consists of a large terrace, a large room divisible in two, a semi-open kitchen / dining room with double height suitable for traditional roasting, a separate bathroom, and a second floor.

We used a bamboo structure, which differs from the concrete and the block, and a sloping roof of recycled poly-aluminum, which insultes and does not absorb heat. With these materials the prototype experiments and becomes more sustainable.

The prototype is sensitive to the progressive growth of the house according to the needs of the inhabitant.