Fresnillo Playground

Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura
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We recycled a paved sewage canal and transformed it into a playground in a Fresnillo, Zacatecas, housing unit. The new transitional space offers a safe recreational area and welcomes the public to a new habitat of local vegetation. The bridge, floor and slopes we designed are equipped for a multi-functional program. We made universally accessible bridges that opened an esplanade underneath; and rebuilt the canal slopes to make them work as a resting area, agora steps and a playground program of climbing walls. The new space improves the life quality of the overall housing complex and offers opportunity to groups in situations of risk. Recycling the extant infrastructure transformed an urban scar into an attractive horizon: the cityscape became the program.
Project: Rozana Montiel V. I Alin V. Wallach
Colaboradores: Hortense Blanchard, Silvia Mejía, Alejandro Aparicio, Amaranta Guzmán, Ana Sofía Quirós, Caroline Figaro, Ombeline De Laage, Cristobal Pliego